Disney XD Channel

@ BDA Creative we were asked to take part on the new Disney XD Channel Rebrand Pitch; Concept: ‘Anything is possible’ sums up the XD channel brand brilliantly. It implies endless possibilities where imagination can run wild. A place where the usual doesn’t exist and weird combinations, absurd scenarios and objects aren’t fully explained. We’ll create a world, a ‘behind the scenes/under the skin’ of XD, to frame and link to the shows, online and gaming propositions. The space is a collection of impossible contraptions. It is an impossible Willy Wonka-esque setting that’s more bizarre and wonderful with a distinct XD tone. It should be seen as a place where the absurd happens; where the rules aren’t followed, and anything is possible. Concept and style frames developed at BDA Creative, 2013. Art Direction: Nicholas Bentley Producer: Jasmin Malam Design, 3d modeling, Output: Matteo Del Nero, James duddy

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