India 24x7 Channel Rebrand

Graphic tv channel package for India 24x7, 2015. Concept: “Unfolding the News” concept aims to catch the human interest through the action of unfolding the newspaper. We will give a glimpse of other people’s life experience through a movement that establishes an emotional connection with the customer. The look and feel of the channel aims to be fresh, direct, live and exclusive. Typography is clear and legible, but also contemporary (“DIN Alternate” is the font used for the style frames); colour palette includes a vibrant range of red/orange combined with greyscale tones (dark “mood” grey and white); once applied to the 3D environment, the graphic elements will be characterised by glossy and reflective textures.

Serie of style frames created during the work
(Animation montage coming soon!)
Logo & brand
Sponsor & extra content
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