Nova News Pitch

Nova News Pitch: Channel rebrand Concept: The Core News stories are a series of facts, opinions and points of view. It’s the gathering and investigation that link and connect those initial pieces together to form a fuller and broader perspective; A truer picture of the events that are or have unfolded. News stories are fragments of information pulled together, wrapped up and presented to the viewer with transparency, integrity and intelligence. These values will be represented in the opening sequences for Nova News by using a clean yet bold graphic style that, without mimicking, will echo the tones and visual language of the News genre. A distinctively fresh, friendly aesthetic that maintains a professional factual edge. The proposal ended up not being accepted, but I am proud to show the final look for the Channel Opener / Closer. Company: BDA Creative London Art Director: Nicholas Bentley Motion Design: Matteo Del Nero / Enric Rodriguez

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