RTE2 Channel Pitch

RTE2 Channel Rebrand Pitch The channel brief: Being straight, direct, “tell it like it is” as main mood....but also bold, dynamic and cutting-edge: Any better way of putting a channel on the edges? The purpose of “On The Edge” concept is to make RTE TWO a platform that touches different themes via different points of views; the many sides of a story, the various faces of a movie, the rivalry between football teams, the many personalities inside a TV show, they will all have a common point: The Edge. Sharp, cutting-edge, pointy, straight are some of the keyords that best describe the idea., but also the fact that the edge can work as “limit“, as a ”pushing to the limit” sensation, being provocative and straight talking, whithout crossing that thin line and then becoming aggressive. The look and feel of the channel will be exclusive, new and fresh, starting from the logo: “TWO” will become number, showing the new image differently, forgetting the past. Color Palette will be a mix between Orange and re-consideration of the old green (now darker and less predominant). Typography will be bold, direct, fresh but also simple and readeable. Unfortunately we didn't win the pitch, but more than happy to show here some final results from the proposal. Client: RTE2 Agency: BDA London Creative Direction: Gregory Millar Motion & Design: Matteo Del Nero

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