Zee Cinemalu Channel Rebrand

The Perfect Tribe got in touch to take part to the Zee Cinemalu channel Rebrand. The idea for branding the channel is to create one world which has multiple ‘zones’ within it. These different areas would be a part of the same space but have different textures and lighting; an urban environment, a floral setting, a forrest or desert. We built the branding for the channel around these areas and move from one zone to the other to reveal the logo, line up and tune in information. The result was a massive content of bold, colorful and dynamic style frames to direct the guys @ Zee Enterprises to create the final On-Air animations and Off-Air content. Client: Zee Media Enterprises Agency: The Perfect Tribe Design, Art Direction: Matteo del Nero Executive Producer: Nikki Bentley

Logo Ident

Identity / Logo options

Bumpers and OSP

Off-Air / Outdoors

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